The Child Fashion Show industry pulses through our veins, and we spend every single second, minute, and hour focused on how we can transform an industry.  The Society Child Fashion Show has a goal to spread the love of fashion for children and teens while creating endless opportunities and experiences.  We strive to run professional, state of the art events while maintaining an uplifting, supportive and encouraging environment for all. The Society Child Fashion Show also prides itself in bringing in REAL industry professionals to spread knowledge and education to the models and model families.  There are so many “not true” events and information that can take advantage of models, especially ones that are newer to the industry.  We are raising the BAR and the creating a new Industry Standard of Fashion Show’s and events, providing a top quality and lifetime experience then anywhere else.

 Our goal is to transform an industry, to not only create unimaginable opportunity for children interested in the Fashion Model World, but to also create an outlet for them to build lifelong relationships with kids that have the same desires, boast their confidence, and help mold them into incredible individuals.


One of the biggest rewards we personally get from The Society Child Fashion Show and Convention is seeing the confidence that these kids gain!  We truly love what we do!  Just within our last few shows, we’ve seen these shy, timid kids, gain confidence and a “light” to shine like never before.  This is what it’s all about.  It’s about making kids grow as individuals, gain and/or polish their confidence, and create life long memories and friendships. Instilling these goals and foundations will only help them grow as individuals, carrying them into adult hood being an even stronger individual.
We also have some of THE best talent of Models walk our runways.  The SOCIETY Child Fashion Show is a great source for models of all experience levels to develop their skills and exposure.  They thrive in our FREE runway classes in our Convention Events, getting critiques  and tips by our industry professionals that we bring in especially for our events.   Each time models walk the runway, they gain more confidence and more sure of themselves than ever.  This is one of the reasons we do more then just one walk at our events.  Models may start out feeling a little nervous during the first walk.  By the time they get to the 2nd and final walks, they feel comfortable and confident allowing them to shine from the inside out.


One huge factor that sets our fashion shows apart is our professional production and runway concepts and set up.  We truly are one of the ONLY shows, especially for children, that does not cut corners on anything from our Full Professional Production and our always helpful Customer Service staff onsite and within the office.  We want to “WOW” you from the moment you arrive! We want your children to truly get the “FULL” production and runway experience.  From our professional level of lighting and sound, runway design, and full video production, we want you to have the BEST experience here at SOCIETY Child Fashion Show.  We know a lot of our clients travel from not only across the country, but across the world.  We know that modeling and attending events takes up your time and your money.  We want you to get the most out of our events!  We want you to enjoy the overall experience as well as take home knowledge and memories to last a lifetime.

Production Booth


EVERY child is special. The model that steps on the runway for the first time is just as important as the model that may be signed with multiple agents and has walked in Paris Fashion Week.  At our Fashion Shows, EVERYONE is in our “Society”and our “Society” is our Family.  We know you have many options where you can choose to spend your time and your money.  We are sincerely thankful for all of you that choose to experience our events.  We look forward to gaining and meeting even more models and families joining us in our “Society”, in our Family.



  • The SOCIETY is something that’s High Energy, Fresh, and Innovative.  It is a change in the assembly line and lack of visual production of child fashions currently in existence across America.  Most importantly, it’s an inspiring, educational event for all levels and ages.
  • SOCIETY is the first Child Fashion Show and Convention to bring a Full Video Crew to every city that consists of multiple camera angles, cranes, sliders, and a FREE live feed.  In addition to that, we have instant photo viewing of that walks at our Photo and Video booth onsite that also include 30 second previews of each walk.  From there the parents can purchase the photos and videos, and receive them onsite in the form of branded usb bracelets.
  • SOCIETY is transforming an industry, and the first to launch a fully customized ‘Fashion Designer Portal’ that gives simplifies the barrier of syncing models and fashion designers. For all of our shows, simply upload a headshot, and it will automatically be viewable to all our attending child fashion designers where they can select their models. It’s a new day, so no longer is it difficult or burdensome to get synced up with Fashion Designers or Child Models. ONLY at SOCIETY.
  • SOCIETY is the first to offer a FREE working live stream of all our shows!
  • SOCIETY is also the first Child Fashion Show to offer personalized “SOCIETY Handbook” before the event.  This includes all the information you need throughout the weekend, such as schedules, things to do, and more!
  • SOCIETY is the first to offer a specialized Customer Service Booth open 100% of the time during event hours.
  • The SOCIETY is the first to introduce the Rubber-band bracelet in the Child Fashion world!  This allows the child model entry into all areas, and are quite fashionable after the show!
  • SOCIETY is the first to offer FREE seating to each show.
  • The SOCIETY Child Fashion Show is the first Fashion Show to offer the ability to break the registration, and any applicable fees into THREE MONTHLY PAYMENTS.