Here at The SOCIETY, we have built a name on quality and preparedness.  We are a unique company from the point of view, we do everything in-house; Creative and Stage/Production Design, Marketing, Videographers, and Bloggers.  With having such a strong, and varied team, we are able to accomplish things very quickly and maintain the quality 100%.

Our goal in all our shows is to work with the World’s Best Fashion Designers in a very exclusive environment where it is an experience that everyone talks about until the next show.

This show is for both adult and child fashion lines.

Please fill out the ‘Fashion Designer Inquiry Form’ below, and we will get with you shortly.

The SOCIETY will provide the following to each Fashion Designer

  • Runway + Production
    • Stage Lighting
    • Audio/Visual Equipment
    • Equipped Backstage
    • Media Pit + Media Center designed with all the necessary tools for immediate content distribution
    • Live Stream with CDN for globally accessed content
    • Multi-Camera Video Production
  • Optional Hair & Make-up Services
  • Rolling Racks (Hangers not included)
  • Seating/Standing Room for guests
  • Inclusion in PR & Marketing Materials