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2017-2018 TOUR DATES 

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We are a children’s fashion show AND convention that is presented by POSH Child Magazine.  We strive to bring in industry professionals to offer training in acting, dance, modeling, agency representation, no matter the level of experience.  Here at The SOCIETY we strive to help create well rounded models as well as education parents with TRUE industry knowledge and insight.


#teamSOCIETY is a blend of top notch, passionate individuals that specialize in everything that makes a Fashion Show a true experience.  Our team consists of strong backgrounds within the fashion world, child modeling, business, professional production and creative design.  By having an entire team in-house creating the magic of a fashion show, you truly get a top notch experience.


The Society is a traveling tour that will be expanding across the United States and later on, internationally. Please see our tour dates above.


  • The SOCIETY is something that’s High Energy, Fresh, and Innovative.  It is a change in the assembly line and lack of visual production of child fashions currently in existence across America.  Most importantly, it’s an inspiring, educational event for all levels and ages.
  • SOCIETY is the first Fashion Show and Convention to bring a Full Video Crew to every city that consists of multiple camera angles, cranes, sliders, and a FREE live feed.  In addition to that, we have instant photo viewing of that walks at our Photo and Video booth onsite that also include 30 second previews of each walk.  From there the parents can purchase the photos and videos, and receive them onsite in the form of branded usb bracelets.
  • SOCIETY is transforming an industry, and the first to launch a fully customized ‘Fashion Designer Portal’ that gives simplifies the barrier of syncing models and fashion designers. For all of our shows, simply upload a headshot, and it will automatically be viewable to all our attending child fashion designers where they can select their models.
  • SOCIETY is the first to offer a FREE working live stream of all our shows!
  • SOCIETY is also the first Fashion Show to offer personalized “SOCIETY Handbook” before the event.  This includes all the information you need throughout the weekend, such as schedules, things to do, and more!
  • SOCIETY is the first to offer a specialized Customer Service Booth open 100% of the time during event hours.
  • The SOCIETY is the first to introduce the Rubber-band bracelet in the Fashion world!  This allows the child model entry into all areas, and are quite fashionable after the show!
  • SOCIETY is the first to offer FREE seating to each show.
  • The SOCIETY Fashion Show is the first Fashion Show to offer the ability to break the registration, and any applicable fees into three monthly payments.


Our fashion show and convention is for ages 4+ with no experience required.  Our goal is to offer exotic locations with industry leading productions and customer service to create an environment that not only provides a mind blowing, positive experience, but also the opportunity to create lifelong friendships, learning experiences, and the ability to be signed to commercial contracts onsite.  We do this through first-class competition through fair, and credible judging in a fun and supportive environment.

The SOCIETY is something that’s fresh, high-energy, and innovative.  It is a change from the assembly line fashion shows and conventions currently in existence across America, and most importantly an inspiring, educational experience for all levels and ages.

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